I home schooled for just over a year - as a result of a medical problem and it led to my federal candidacies. 

If the kids do not go back to school - we will have a nation of genius'. Trust me this I know first hand. I am in favor of all types of schooling but homeschooling is by far gets results that are life changing for the parent and the child. 

If you want to stop the bs you have to get me to the White House with demonstrations - 

The major mistake with reopening is miscommunication from the White House and the news outlets that are just focused on testing and droplet transmission.  Reopening with surface transmission when our money is exchanged is the greater risk in the coming weeks.  Every pin pad must be swabbed down in between users. I go out and shop every day at at least 4 locations in northern Florida to look for inconsistencies in the handling of money and the use of masks and social distancing. 

In my professional medical opinion, I think mask use should be a citizens choice, we should stand 6 feet from each other in public and hand washing is a must with hot water for multiple minutes, or hand sanitizer medical grade - for now - not forever - we need germs to keep strong natural immunity.  Being germ free or aseptic is dangerous. 

Why is this of great concern to me? Because most people are not as obsessive about the "little things" that can make you very ill from this virus or someone or something else. 

Catching it is more likely than a handshake, a kiss or a hug - how do I know this? Because of the need for money survival from everyone in the barber shop, nail salon, stock management offices, ICUs, fast food, or retail shops. 

Most under 90 years old care about how much money they have in the bank.  Most use ATMS, most use debit cards, most use credit cards, most people eat out or buy food somewhere in public. When you pay for the food you are at greatest risk when you touch the buttons to transfer the money. 

National and local biz are installing face shields and wearing masks to stop droplet transmission, - but nothing is being do to stop "button transmission", meaning as we all race back to our favorite food joint or sneaker store or hardware store or gas station, we whip out our cards to pay and quickly press the buttons but NO ONE cleaned the buttons off on the machine you are giving or taking money from.  


The White House is not making this mandatory, the governors are not, the managers are not, you are not. 



So the virus is still public and still on every button in every store if it was not wiped down before you touched it or before the person before or after you in line touched, it. 

So once again the ultimate mighty dollar is putting you at risk and asking you to rethink your life and how you take care of yourself. 

You see when I am in the White House, I will help you with practical guidance that is urgent and life saving or just routine and necessary to focus on fueling your American Dream literally every minute. 

If you are content and don't want a better life then so be it. But I usually cause people to rethink, why and how to better their lives. Everybody..  That is why I want the White House, Trump and Biden just want the job and to fight for one side. I want to fight for all. 


If you are frustrated by the political process you have landed in best place. If you support President Trump - you must begin to learn about what Powers Solutions can do for your life. If you are a supporter of Joe Biden, the same is true.  Both of these men, cannot assist America to the same capacity. 

I actually care about you and kn0w how to guide your life and health through incredible God given insight I have relied on my whole life to beat job loss, relocation, bankruptcy, cancer, inequality for women in Presidential politics- some of the toughest issues. 

I actually take your life seriously and have met over the years one on one with many suffering from physical or mental pain and spoke to groups of first generation Americans that spend most of their time figuring out how to communicate and become successful in America.  

As your president, I would lead by helping to raise the level of education from the White House through my addresses not with fear, intimidation or shocking headlines - just helpful headlines. 


"As Americans we must see change as positive not something to be feared or negative. Every day - adjustments in relationships and attitudes are needed between co-workers, spouses, ex-spouses, friends, siblings, mother in laws - father in laws etc. As a wife and a mom - I created a lot of change for my family and endured a lot of change that was expected of me to help my loved ones succeed.  Those that truly want America to succeed spend time making decisions and working with me on this in my daily life, community, and across the world. A better American is an America where properties are bought and sold, food is prepared, farms are productive, families make babies, rain is clean, transportation is smarter, yards and flowers bloom, and we are not stuck to our mass communication with excessive control and fear. My prep as a health care provider can help those that know nothing about health - manage their capabilities confidently - if you do not know health care in this age - you are at a severe personal disadvantage - and that is the last people we want running our mass communication - that's why the virus news is blown far out of proportion. This happens every year. Put me in the White House and take a breathier - it will be four years of awesome educated guidance that actually helps you get want you want out of life with Powers Solutions."


"Through Powers Solutions, I will personally guarantee, every American is afforded the time to communicate their American Dream to me as President and take financial steps with like minded people from around the world." - Christin Powers

"I will personally guarantee my administration will ensure your personal, professional and political advancement. I want all Americans to love politics. This can happen with active participation that is not over competitive and hateful. Self check how you act and behave toward your family and friends. Do not self isolate - this a very dangerous behavior." -Christin Powers

Where can we meet today?  - I will be live on Facebook at Noon today. - just go to Christin Powers on Facebook. 

The women of all colors, especially the women of color need to step it up for me, C'MON GIRLS/WOMEN - NO MORE STUPID MEDIA HOAXES. - Christin Powers