Defending the American Human Powers People Act: United States Presidency Agenda for 2020-2024 by Christin Powers, Democratic Candidate  

Statement: As President of the United States, I will renew our people and our environment.  My four part “Human Powers Plan” will simply provide relief to our angered Americans. Times and issues call for a US President that is a surprise experienced therapist, not a soldier, billionaire, or elected insider. I will urge our entire congress to immediately pass by executive order Defending the American Human Powers People Act with current funds allocated from the Department of Defense Budget of $8B-$80Billion, this will stimulate $30T-$300T in national revenues. The annual DOD funding is currently $750B; $670B will continue the current function of our military.

Part One: Defending the American Human Powers People Act: Reverse national homeless epidemic, mandate homelessness as illegal.

Facts: We have homeless in every American state. I am listing the number of homeless in states of our  current televised Democratic candidates. As President of the United States, I would employ every current candidate in my administration.  I would task them with reducing the homeless in their state by working with the state governments in addition to other roles they would play not related to the homeless.  The current line up should not be elected to the office of the Presidency based on the simple fact that as current elected officials in their states with budgets, they have failed their people and the current Trump administration has also failed the people. They simply are not skilled in rehabilitation, like I am. Homelessness is a state issue but as a therapist, I view “one homeless person as one to many”.  We have close to 600,000 documented. I think this number probably is double in reality.

Number of homeless:

California:  129,927

Indiana: 6,530

Vermont: 1,291

Massachusetts: 20,068

Texas: 25,310

Michigan: 8,351

As an American, you either have a home or you do not.

As an American you are either healthy or not.

America cannot afford homeless or chronically unhealthy people.

As a teen, I had an uncle that struggled with holding a job as a mechanic, who had health issues. Responsibly, we went and picked him up from the street, I will never forget it. He lived with his parents for the rest of his life.  He loved me very much.

As part of my campaign, I prioritized meeting with the homeless on the street in more than 30 states, over the last 12 months, a fraction of photos are documented on  I have given one interview in Peoria Illinois, over the last twelve months. I have immersed myself in the issues of our most desperate family members and the community surrounding them. President Trump has not campaigned with the people that need our most help and the other candidates have not done this either.  Campaigning on fancy televised stages is not producing the correct candidate that can have the largest lasting impact for both sides of the isle and the states they represent. Homelessness effects every color, race and religion.

Only a physical therapist can provide the immediate assistance and guidance from DC. A physical therapist can change this epidemic as the President of the United States. The Christin Powers Campaign ( and photographed proof of the many homeless across the street from profitable bars, restaurants, homes, government buildings, professional sports complexes.

1/10 homeless are veterans. All are your family members, they are not failures, they need love, rehab, accountability, education, friendship and opportunities. What can your company, church or family do to help my leadership reverse and heal this human problem on our land?  My eyes see weakened bodies, distraught minds, and eyes that have hope or no hope.

As a politician it is my job to provide solutions for the way our country is governed.

I believe all Americans must face the fact that homelessness is the fault of the homeless individual AND the American family and American corporations and religious bodies.  When approaching many for political support on the street, I have seen in your eyes if you are self-sufficient or not.   I can see desperation in eyes, I can see self-respect.  Regarding corporate people, including healthcare professionals, we pat ourselves on the back for a hard day of work, are locked into our jobs during the day and then go home for a few hours of freedom at night/weekends without housing or food worries. We all rush by the homeless on the street.  We need to stop the rush.

I feel every paid American elected politician and news media person that has not FIXED this problem should be jailed. Why, because I have personally asked to be interviewed in the news on national tv at least 100 times – since 2008.

Power The Homeless Solutions:

Defending the American Human Powers People Act Cost: $1B-80B (minimum) used from current Department of Defense Funds.

  1. All News Networks Interview Christin Powers on live TV, notify the public of my candidacy, so I can raise greater funds and so the public is adequately notified of my therapy background and candidacy. I need to be interviewed November 2019-Feburary 2020. Call me directly 561-262-5962 and 561-377-5351 or email to schedule

  2. All Americans donate $1 – 2800 on Blue to meet qualifying requirements for December 19, 2019 Democratic Debate Stage. My 51st Birthday!  Yeah!

  3. Current people are immediately removed from the street and taken into a home somewhere – in a personal home, fix abandoned or bulldoze homes (ie. Detroit), veterans into military base empty beds, to the White House empty beds.  DOD POWER FUNDS to provide the space, the food and education will be given to the sponsoring POWERS family/facility.  

  4. Social workers and physical therapists, non-denominational and denominational ministers of all faiths dedicated and educated in the mental and physical rehabilitation live in the home/facility like firemen live at the fire station for 24/7 life skills/physical/mental rehab/education and encouragement.

  5. The people are given coaching during all waking hours with:

  1. Drug Rehab

  2. Prayer

  3. Meditation

  4. Massage

  5. Education

  6. Improv communication – dialogs that include joking/non joking/manipulative/non-manipulative/bullying/nonbullying communication/supportive/non-supportive behavior, non-scripted safe communication. Communication is the biggest problem. The homesless have either been bullied or are bullies.

  7. Work out instruction specific with their diagnosis.

  8. Typing skills

  9. A job/education analysis

  10. Job placement or education placement

  11. Enrolled in education program higher than what they already have.

  12. Mentored through a personal business plan or job application process that is keenly monitored for fraudulent job offerings online, offer jobs in the place of business.

  13. Everyone becomes a mentor.

The Powers Homeless Summary – Homelessness is a solvable epidemic, with my leadership as a therapist.

Part Two:  Defending the American Human Powers People Act: Profitable Healthcare


Not one current televised candidate can take a blood pressure, write a health goal or look and any American and differentially diagnosis like I can, therefore they will not know if the “health OR insurance experts” they bring in are really “experts”.  If the experts from all past 45 Presidents had been effective, we would not be in the current predicament we are in. Currently, my 80-year-old – 90 year old friends in Florida communities are being gouged for heating aids for example.

According to US Healthcare spending grew 3.9 percent in 2017. Reaching $3.5 Trillion or $10,739 per person. My revenue plan far exceeds this and is simple. My goal is not to take away any health coverage for anyone, stop over prescription and under prescription for tests and pharmacology. From 2020-2022, I will work one day per week with all the current insurance leaders of government and corporate and union plans.

America’s second largest health problem is allowing people to accept or be told they are physically or mentally ill and forcing them into a sick pattern or allowing them to remain in a sick role (a sick role is a psychological term people are given when the medical system takes control over the life. Some people retire and then stop going to work and use medical appointments as their new routine, whether they need it or not.

I want us to look at our lives at an optimal level. Frankly, we have too many people that do not care about how they feed themselves and take horrible care of themselves. The terminally ill are really the sickest and most deserving of intense care in my opinion.

Over prescribed drugs create illness. Doctors/nurses/pharmacists that allow this should be jailed for over prescription. Many of our drugs can be viewed as temporary. We simply need to show and educate people that drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes used around the clock do not provide optimal health – some people are smart enough to know this.

Powers Health Care Solution:

Current plans are left the same through 2024. All Americans receive one free food allergy test to help guide the foods we eat and give farmers and pharmacologist and supplement industry hard data on food sensitivity across the nation. Our farms will know how much of specific health foods to produce and where to ship those foods.

The Powers Health Plan is available through Defending the American Human Powers People Act, as a choice addition to your current plan or you can opt out of your current plan and just go with this plan.

My goal is be the end of 2024 – we have 250M participants and by the end of 2028 we have 500M participants – thus eliminating the need unanimously for all other health systems, if that is what the people vote. My plan can be wildly successful and/or we can keep all the others – we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

The Powers Health Plan: It’s a simple, optional business model:

IF: We currently have over 350M legal people in America. Cost of the plan is $100 per month per individual. Half of the money that you put in, you control, at the end of the year, - if you do not use it you get it back or roll it over.  Half of the money is pooled and will be triaged according to health need factor. (To be determined used and be fair across all ages/family leave and Preschool may be allowable here as part of mental health.)  Consider continued education or preschool as mental health.

Participants (foreigners, legal residents, DACA, Green Card, anyone) choose to opt in annually at a monthly cost of $100 over 12 months for 1 year.  If you get in for one year you are making a $1200 commitment for the 12 months and you can get out the next calendar year.  This begins in January of every year.

Example: 100,000,000 Million People X 12 months X $100 = $1.2 T in revenue.  Half of which can be refunded if not used or rolled over for the individual, this is still $60 T in revenue, even if every single participant takes their money back or rolls it over. This plan powerfully “out earns” the $3.5 T currently that we are spending/using that is failing the homeless and allowing for our wealthy to leave the US for cheaper drugs and surgeries.

Possible revenues based on numbers of participants:

100,000,000 X $100 per month X 12 months = $120,000,000,000,000 (Trillion)/2 =$60,000,000,000,000

200,000,000 X $100 per month X 12 months = $2.4T/2 = $72,000,000,000,000T

300,000,000 X $100 per month X 12 months = $3.6T/2 = $180,000,000,000 T

400,000,000 X $100 per month X 12 months = $4.8T/2 = $240,000,000,000 T

500,000,000 X $100 per month X 12 months = $6.0T/2 = $300,000,000,000 T

Border Security is paramount to our safety and mental health.  I will create an invisible border where people may apply online or at the border to find our when and where they may pursue happiness in the United States and be told why or why not. Estimated cost $1B. Code for this will be written by our top IT consultants and the border will be guarded by national guard. 

Domestic Violence:

We need to stop calling gun violence, gun violence. Gun violence is mental illness.  All gun owners should be background checked, take a gun operation class, licensed. Military grad weapons should be in the possession of the military. Private citizens should be able to own handguns and single discharge arms for protection and hunting. Private citizens only need to fire one bullet at a time – not rounds. I have shot guns in shooting ranges; I have shot skeet and I went hunting once where a deer was killed by someone I was with. When, I speak on this topic people ask me – did you serve in the military?  The answer is no – because I have metal in my feet, and I cannot run.  Any American that attends the funeral of a mass shooting victim would agree with me on single discharge arms. I attended Margie Rekard’s funeral in El Paso for 6 hours.

Part II Powers Health Care Summary:  The Powers Health Plan will fund all our greatest problems with the worlds support and use of our health system.

Part III: Defending the American Human Powers People Act: Powerful Education

Fact: A mentally well brain is always learning from birth to death. I think traditional school is good, trade schools are good, homeschool is good, art school is good, physical education is good, language school is good etc. College and trade school can be free, and corporations can back the tuition costs with Powers Contractual Agreements that can be flexible and bought out by the student upon graduation or another company.  I personally participated in this kind of program while in my master’s program. While intensely training at the University of Michigan-Flint, I did not have to worry about tuition funding or a job. I knew I had a job upon graduation – this was a relief during 8 hours of daily class and 6 hours of study at night. I was bought out of my contract by another hospital, the hospital that bought the contract out paid off the original funder and it worked out great for me because, I got a higher wage and a job more suited for my skills post-graduation.  I was grateful to both institutions, my parents and my husband for footing the total bill. With this model the corporations completely fund their contracted.  

Americans need to continue to be educated throughout life – in a fun manner – learning should not be intimidating or drudgery.

I will apply another similar business model that is simple:

Let us assume every American receives continuing education:

This will generate:

325,000,000 X $100/month X 12 months = $32,500,000,000 annual dollar for education per year.

Now, in exchange the corporations get a tax income breaks and must operate in the United States.

How much of a tax break will our corporations need to still make wild profits?  I need to hear from them and receive immediate super PAC funding –

Summary: Corporations hire students of all ages 17 and over and abilities, pay their schooling, is a contractual relationship, that can be bought out by the personal entrepreneur or a public or private company.

Part IV: Defending the American Human Powers People Act: Powerful Environmental Engineering Changes

My Powers Environmental Engineering Plan will offer solutions that outperform the Paris Agreement and the New Green Deal.  We must remember the population of countries involved in the Paris Agreement are the size of our states, and the New Green Deal offers zero plan, it is just a description of the issues. We currently are 27th in the world for pollution according to Harvard research based on “bad ranking” related to water and deforestation. Google it.

Be very careful when current candidates that are attorneys add drama without substantive content to their arguments. I have a Bachelor of Science and a master’s in physical therapy. Physical therapists know exactly how the five senses and organ work for digestion, breathing, thinking, feeling, moving. Healthy environment is paramount to an affordable human life.

Water – We have heard the most about sea level rise due to polar ice cap melting. I want to talk more about polluted water.  We only have one river remaining in America that you can drink from with your hand in America, the Columbian River in Washington State.  I campaigned there with native American veterans in November of 2019.   The United States of America has over 250,000 rivers, with a total of about 3,500,000 miles of rivers. The longest river in the USA is the Missouri River (it is a tributary of the Mississippi River and is 2,540 miles long), but the biggest in terms of water volume is the deeper Mississippi River.  These rivers are polluted, this is far beyond acceptable and cannot be debated against.

US Rivers -


I will stop all pollution discharged into our rivers with new jobs from the educated homeless on how to recycle any product that is being discharged into the rivers ranging from human feces to papermill discharge into a renewable energy for food and fuel. Discharge is composed of human waste, both organic and non-organic.  These sources are polluting our water sources.  We must recycle the organic discharge from organic farming compost immediately rather than discharge into our rivers – the system is simple – just stop the dumping and recycle what is being dumped immediately from poop etc.

 I believe our superstorms are directly related to the pollution on the other side of the world in Asia.  I personally have paid to document the Category 5, Hurricane Michael devastation on Mexico Beach and I was in Hurricane Sandy on Long Island, New York. 

Air – Heat, cooling and combustible engines must be engineered to produce only O2 and or unpolluted air products.  We must develop nuclear waste break down that results in the same. Our combustible engines also – healthy breathable air products. Our filters are much better than they have ever been.  According to, the US air quality trends are improving for carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, particulate matter, and sulfur dioxide (PM10 and PM 2.5). 

Nuclear Power – We will engineer how to break nuclear power down into a renewable energy.

Gas – I will subsidize the greenest gas/petroleum and gas additives produced from our American farms in Iowa, Florida, Texas, and other states with the greenest engines from our smartest mechanical engineers.  My closest college friends are mechanical engineers and attorneys in the auto industry.

Ocean - Clean Up/street clean up washing can be job for the homeless to learn how to clean up our neighborhoods and cities that need the help – for people in wheelchair – they can assist those that are able to walk and push a broom or clean windows or paint or pull plastic out of the ocean.

I will aggressively meet with all Asian countries on their pollution issues that I believe are the cause of our super storms and acid rain. The United States local and state governments and corporations are responsible for our water pollution and river and ocean pollution.  We produce and use too much plastic. Our fast food restaurants produce the most waste. All our countries will succeed by cooperating and reciprocating.

Defending the American Human Powers People Act: Cost to manage: $8B-80B; intended revenue up to $30T-$300T.

Powerful Homeless/HealthCare/Education/Environment– Between now and December 19th – I will continue to add facts to these simple solutions for our greatest problems.  I am the answer as a therapist for the 2020 United States President that has not had the luxury of a paid elected office to solve these issues.  I have immersed myself with patients, veterans, family to fully understand the needs of America.  A single state elected federal position for me would be good, but not powerful enough for our people.  Our global environment is suffering.  Pollution is producing documented climate change. Polluted river and melting ice caps are urgent problems requiring efficient leadership of a scientist for many changes. Join me today – donate for The Birthday Debate Stage – 12/19/2019.  The Birthday Debate. Donate on Make America Happy Again #MAHA

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