1. I will never run for American politics again.  This means America loses politically big time. 

2. I am seeking a very rich company that will partner with Powers Solutions and hire me for as there COO, CEO or CFO based on the numbers below. 

3. I hope when you realize how you much you have lost by not urgently pushing me - above the popular losers. 

4. Sound salty?  Nope, just honest. 

5. The numbers below will not succeed without me. 

6. I am trained to fix lives.  The popular other candidates are not. They will fail. 

7. Pray that I can extraordinarily help you profit with a for profit company partnership if you finally wake up to the smoke that you have continued to allow to be blown up your ass. 

8. Its time for America to stop playing the blatant disbelief card. 

9. Many thought I'd continue to run. They must have not opened their eyes or ears to the information I handed to the press and the congress who literally continue to keep you down every day.

10. Promote my name, my future, my company and I will promote me, blow me off and you are an idiot. Remember, honesty is the best policy. Liars and cheaters never win. 


The math is simple = Number of subscribers X $100 per month subscription X 12 Months = ..... will remedy and provide jobs to homeless, healthless/sick/preventative/addicted, climate crisis, emission erasure, housing improvements, water infrastructure replacement, federal road or bridge replacement, prolife/profamily success, small biz starteup, college tuition, continuing ed for entire country, new technology, new pharmacology, new food sciences/IGg antibody testing. Pretty much any thing that sucks in America, I guarantee, I will turn from losses to profits - because, I want to get away from taxes and debt but want to prove these outcomes per executive order first. 

100,000,000 (M) subscribers = $120 Billion

200,000,000 (M) subscribers  = $240 Billion

300,000,000 (M) subscribers  = $360 Billion

400,000,000 (M) subscribers  = $480 Billion

500,000,000 (M) subscribers  = $600 Billion

600,000,000 (M) subscribers = $720 Billion

700,000,000 (M) subscribers = $840 Billion

800,000,000 (M) subscribers = $960 Billion

900,000,000 (M) subscribers = $1Trillion 80Billion

1,000,000,000,000 (B) subscribers = $1Quadrillion 200Trillion

2,000,000,000,000 (B) subscribers = $2Quadrillion 400Trillion

3,000,000,000,000 (B) subscribers = $3Quadrillion600Trillion

For any cause or crisis or dream, I will assure you: over twelve months with your $100 month choice Powers Emergency Subscription (may be from individual citizens, foreign or from corporations), I can erase all American government, business and personal debt. This is good for America and for the rest of the world. Trust me - we must get beyond the old way of competing as nations. 

Let's consider if some of our popular companies partnered with me per EO in 2021 for their favorite cause or crisis with you:

Total 2019 Popular American Companies Revenues:

Amazon 266B

Apple 260B

General Motors 137B

Pfizer 51B

Netflix 20B

Tesla 13B



The world makes $80Trillion per year.  

Powers Solutions would be open to the world.

This is called broad money, according to CIA World Factbook (not Facebook) and the globe total is in excess of $80 Trillion.  Most of the broad money in the world isn't actually cash held in bank vaults, explained Karen Petrou, managing partner of Federal Financial Analytics. Nov 17, 2017. I did not multiple it by $100 because it is literally every dollar -

I am Christin Noel Powers, a 2020 Presidential Federal Election Commission Candidate: C:00695429 P:00008946. 

Christin Noel Powers


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