2021-2024 Powers Plan is simple: Please visit this site every day through January 20th, 2021 AND insist another American contact somewhere in the world does as well. 

1. Erase all personal, business and government debt by end of 2022.  

2. Remove all homeless from street, redirect into health, job and adoptive families by end of 2022. 

3. Ensure elective healthcare plans as needed by end of 2022. 

4. End toxic emission engines by end of 2024.

5. Provide pure water everywhere by end of 2024. 

6. Encourage a federal amendment that ensures a free press that does not control your vote by only operating based on paycheck protection for the press agents and preferential treatment of male candidates at the Presidential level.  Mental abuse of women has never been higher in America than the last 10 years.  I have been trying to save this nation from failure for 10 years.  Elect me now by write in vote or with do not vote for either FAILED MAN, that had his chance. Then from Nov. 4th to January 20th push for Amen XX Sec III - really hard - I need very effective men and women on this that get my abilities to hepl the nation not produce another fall guy. 


Powers Solutions are prescriptive 24 month financial choice subscriptions that invite 100 M - 3 Trillion subscribers to participate in at a UNIT cost of $100 per subscriber for 12 months.


The money plus interest is utilized in the second 24 months and then subscription dies and another replaces it.


A subscriber can be a single person or a corporate subscriber intended for the category, the subscribers can be international.

As your United States President, I want you to be happier than ever.


Goal is to disrupt this election and provide America with the most profitable America ever in herstory by writing in, me, Christin Powers for US President now and then having congress place me in the office via Amendment XX Sec III before January 20th, 2021. Write in, then enact or execute Amendment XX Sec III. 

Here is the math: 


Prevent permanent taxes and tariffs replaced by Powers Solutions by 2028, federal subscriptions immediately help you achieve your American Dream, in under 2 years.   

100,000,000 (M) subscribers = $120 Billion

200,000,000 subscribers  = $240 Billion

300,000,000 subscribers  = $360 Billion

400,000,000 subscribers  = $480 Billion

500,000,000 subscribers  = $600 Billion

600,000,000 subscribers = $720 Billion

700,000,000 subscribers = $840 Billion

800,000,000 subscribers = $960 Billion

900,000,000 subscribers = $1Trillion


1,000,000,000,000 (B) subscribers = $1Quadrillion 200Trillion

2,000,000,000,000 subscribers = $2Quadrillion 400Trillion

3,000,000,000,000 subscribers = $3Quadrillion600Trillion

Total revenue by Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Tesla, General Motors and Pfizer for 2019 are listed below.


Amazon 266B

Apple Total Revenue: 260B

General Motors 137B

Pfizer 51B

Netflix 20B

Tesla 13B 


Any 1 of these companies could literally save the planet, meaning solve a serious cause or crisis or amass enormous profit of $quadrillions if they took one year of their total revenue and used it to wipe out one or ten Powers Solutions. As citizens, if we are serious about human life, we must work with their revenues and / by participating with as little as $100/month for 12 months - (that equals 1 unit) - we can literally solve anything that current taxes and tariffs are failing at. 



How can can Christin Powers get elected this late in an election cycle:


1. Write her in for US President in the write in space on your ballot with Steve J. Israel (NY) or Cory Booker (NJ).

2. Between now and January 20th talk to every one you know about Amendment XX Section 




The world makes $80Trillion per year. How would you like to have a voice in $120B in 2021? 

My plan blows away solvency, liquidity, fallen angels, rescues Main Street, stimulates of Wall Street and will make Wall Street better and more profitable.  


Key Links to your success: 

1. Powers Solutions is our federal financial vehicle designed to simply stop the volatility in American money making.

2. Powers Solutions will eliminate the "I can't afford it" attitude.  


3. $100 monthly subscriptions for a $100 federal tax break per 1 month per subscription for a duration of 12 months are non permanent and powerful enough to create jobs immediate investers.


4. Non-American and American citizens and Non-American Corporations and American Corporations can participate in Powers Solutions. People or corporations can enter with $100 per month per category at a minimum or the sky is the limit. The sky is the limit is where the rich can help the poor and the poor can climb the ladder with effort and continued learning and investment. 

Powers Solutions would be open to the world.

This is called broad money, according to CIA World Factbook (not Facebook) and the globe total is in excess of $80 Trillion.  Most of the broad money in the world isn't actually cash held in bank vaults, explained Karen Petrou, managing partner of Federal Financial Analytics. Nov 17, 2017. I did not multiple it by $100 because it is literally every dollar - 


VISIT my TWITTER @electchristin for my daily tweets

2021-2028 Powers Administration Headlines Plan:

1. 2021: American families submit their ultimate American Dream to the Christin Powers White House Staff, people decide if they will participate in one or 5 plans for 2021. 


2. 2022: American families participate and are supported by Powers Solutions Subscriptions. We will determine the categories for the solutions based on the what we are told in the American Dream letters. 

3. 2023: American Family American Dream evidence begins to remove need for permanent taxes and tariffs as Power Solutions start creating profits that are distributed over the subscriber based evenly. 

4. 2024: American families lead new innovation and production in all global industries. 

5. 2025: American families, homes, schools, transportation, infrastructure improvements are realized by entire country. 

6. 2026: American places of worship are filled to capacity every week. 

7. 2027: Global pollution is a thing of the past - all oceans are clean, recycling and packaging is revolutionized to be 100% environmentally friendly. Super storms have subsided, drinking water is pure through out the world. 

8. 2028: Sustenance solutions are in place to ward of homelessness, pandemics, pollution, health crisis, addiction for at least 20 years - 100 years.  

 I am a Federal Election Commission Candidate: C:00695429 P:00008946.  

Our news has led us to the same-old-same old war, taxes, dependency, addiction, mediocre education, poor on the streets, poor that need health care, lazy people, and addicted dumb non graduates from any educational institute. 2020 is the year to elect a woman with experience in healing minds, hearts and souls.  I have worked and volunteered in schools, churches, neighborhoods and medical facilities - not one other candidate has immersed themselves for 52 years IN HOMES like I have. The news and the state board of elections need to do their jobs and include me now. 


I am ready to lead this country - everything about my preparation is unprecedented.

Promoting and planning with me will prove your personal success by electing me to the 2020 United States Presidency. 


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