Thank you for your full attention through Nov. 4th. I am glad you are safe. Black people and brown people that do not feel safe in cars - stay home for now - you will be safe once, I am elected. This I can easily and fully guarantee with Powers Solutions. 

To the televised press and public:  this entire site is fully releasable for your use. Make news, press releases, or memes or GIFS from what you find. 

Here is the latest - either you want to succeed in America or you don't.  Powers Solutions can literally assist you in massive profits ONCE I am the President. Write in Christin Powers for US President on your ballots AND email your federal congress persons about Amend XX Sec III and how you want me for President per my deepest healthcare and federal presidential experience in this race.


I just thanked the 9 Big Pharma companies working on the Covid-19 and requested recommendations on Washington, DC PAC leads for commercials that fully inform the public of my deep political and healthcare experience that will guarantee personal and financial safety for your family.   

How can this happen?

By extraordinary circumstances: 


Amendment XX (20) Section (III) allows for congress to place a person into the Presidency a when a President and Vice President "fails to qualify", this is not eligibility.

By writing me in now at home on your ballot or at the ballot box on Nov. 3.  Pick the VP of your choice:  My top three are Steve Israel of NY, Cory Booker of New Jersey or Andrew Yang of California. 

Of if Biden or Trump and or Pence exit the race prior to the vote.  I am running democratic however, my Powers Solutions Plan will become policies that powerfully remedy current crisis or causes that taxes and tariffs currently are not solving. This is where Amen XX Sec III can applied. 

What will I do for you the voter? 

Powers Solutions are prescriptive 24 month financial choice subscriptions that invite 100 M - 3 Trillion subscribers to participate in at a UNIT cost of $100 per subscriber for 12 months, the money plus interest is utilized in the second 24 months and the then subscription dies and another replaces it. A subscriber can be a single person or a corporate subscriber intended for the category NOT necessarily for the employee.  This a responsibility model - you get out what you put in - plus more -. 


Prevent permanent taxes and tariffs replaced by Powers Solutions by 2028, federal subscriptions immediately help you achieve your American Dream, in under 2 years.   

100,000,000 (M) subscribers = $120 Billion

200,000,000 subscribers  = $240 Billion

300,000,000 subscribers  = $360 Billion

400,000,000 subscribers  = $480 Billion

500,000,000 subscribers  = $600 Billion

600,000,000 subscribers = $720 Billion

700,000,000 subscribers = $840 Billion

800,000,000 subscribers = $960 Billion

900,000,000 subscribers = $1Trillion


1,000,000,000,000 (B) subscribers = $1Quadrillion 200Trillion

2,000,000,000,000 subscribers = $2Quadrillion 400Trillion

3,000,000,000,000 subscribers = $3Quadrillion600Trillion

Today, I googled Total Revenue by Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Tesla, General Motors and Pfizer for 2019. I may have made an error in research or in math.  If you find an error please email me at

Apple Total Revenue: 260.174B

Netflix 20.156B

Amazon 265.468B

Tesla 12.7B (Is this correct??)

General Motors 137B

Pfizer 51B

If my math is correct - any 1 of these companies could literally save the planet, meaning a serious cause or crisis or amass enormous profit into the $quadrillions if they took one year of their total revenue and used it to Wipe one or ten Powers Solutions. We just need to take their revenues and / by $100 - that equals 1 unit to see how many people they can actually help or crisis they can heal in just 12 months.  



1. Powers Health For All (who participate)

2. Powers Wealth for All.  (who participate)

3. Powers Housing for All. (who participate)

4. Powers Food for All.  (who participate) 

5. Powers Infrastructure for All. (who participate) 

6. Powers Jobs for All. (who participate)

7. Powers Transportation for All (who participate) 

8. Powers Technology for All (who participate)

9. Powers Fun for All.  (who participate)

10. Powers Financial Security for All. (who participate)

My Facebook Live is under Christin Powers.  I will Facebook Live from Noon - 1pm everyday:  on Powers Solutions;  observations in your particular states as I zoom through and response from the pubic. Join me.

What is your American Dream?  

Example from list above:

Powers Job Solutions/Subscriptions under removes your debt:

Example:   "My dream is to make $350,000

($60,000) per year owning (working for) a building company related to providing pure water to cities in America with infrastructure older that 45 years by 2023."



The world makes $80Trillion per year. How would you like to have a voice in $120B in 2021? 

My plan blows away solvency, liquidity, fallen angels, rescues Main Street, wipes the smirk of Wall Street and will make Wall Street better and more profitable.  


We, meaning us, the federal government and all kinds of corporations can solve our problems here by throwing in $100 per month per crisis or cause and looking toward all like minded corporations, including the federal government to do the same in year 1, and receive the pooled benefit in year 2.  You can pick ZERO to participate in at $100 per month or as many as you or your company would like. I want to change up the federal governments control of your money and give you less permanency for taxes and tariffs and a more dynamic exciting way to improve your life with the powers of the federal government when you need it - this can be applied to ANY WAY you spend your money for the success of the US as a whole and for you as an individual. 

In other words: 

1. Powers Solutions is my federal financial vehicle designed to simply stop the volatility in American money making.

2. Powers Solutions will eliminate the "I can't afford it" attitude. It will use the idea of crowd funding like the stock market or insurance that swiftly and efficiently target problems or like minded people and is not permanent. 


 3. $100 monthly subscriptions for a $100 federal tax break per 1 month per subscription for a duration of 12 months.


4. Non-Americans and American citizens and Non-American Corporations and American Corporations can participate in Powers Solutions. People or corporations can enter with $100 per month per category at a minimum or the sky is the limit. The sky is the limit is where the rich can help the poor and the poor can climb the ladder with effort and continued learning and investment. 

Powers Solutions would be open to the world.

This is called broad money, according to CIA World Factbook (not Facebook) and the globe total is in excess of $80 Trillion.  Most of the broad money in the world isn't actually cash held in bank vaults, explained Karen Petrou, managing partner of Federal Financial Analytics. Nov 17, 2017. I did not multiple it by $100 because it is literally every dollar - 


VISIT my TWITTER @electchristin for my daily tweets

2021-2028 Powers Administration Headlines Plan:

1. 2021: American families submit their ultimate American Dream to the Christin Powers White House Staff. 


2. 2022: American families participate and are supported by Powers Solutions Subscriptions. We will determine the categories for the solutions based on the what we are told in the American Dream letters. 

3. 2023: American Family American Dream evidence begins to remove need for permanent taxes and tariffs as Power Solutions start creating profits that are distributed over the subscriber based evenly. 

4. 2024: American families lead new innovation and production in all global industries. 

5. 2025: American families, homes, schools, transportation, infrastructure improvements are realized by entire country. 

6. 2026: American places of worship are filled to capacity every week. 

7. 2027: Global pollution is a thing of the past - all oceans are clean, recycling and packaging is revolutionized to be 100% environmentally friendly. Super storms have subsided, drinking water is pure through out the world. 

8. 2028: Sustenance solutions are in place to ward of homelessness, pandemics, pollution, health crisis, addiction for at least 20 years - 100 years.  


I have endured some pretty disrespectful comments from family and friends over the years, which has built my stamina.

The press tells you, "who the candidates are" - that is not accurate. I am a Federal Election Commission Candidate: C:00695429 P:00008946.  

 Our news has led us to the same-old-same old war, taxes, dependency, addiction, mediocre education, poor on the streets, poor that need health care, lazy people, and addicted dumb non graduates from any educational institute. 2020 is the year to elect a woman with experience in healing minds, hearts and souls.  I have worked and volunteered in schools, churches, neighborhoods and medical facilities - not one other candidate has immersed themselves for 52 years IN HOMES like I have. The news and the state board of elections need to do their jobs and include me now. 


I am ready to lead this country - everything about my preparation is unprecedented.

Promoting and planning with me will prove your personal success by electing me to the 2020 United States Presidency. 


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