As President, there is not one cause or crisis that my administration cannot handle. 

I can help in the $millions, in the $billions and in the $trillions AND in the $quadrillions - without debt, taxes and tariffs: how? with Powers Solutions

I have been prepared to help America tackle our greatest challenges, greater than Trump, Biden or Sanders, without either party, without the televised press. But, you have to do more than watch television and buy every calamity they are selling. You have to focus on positive health, positive activity, positive money, a clean and dirty environment (I'll explain this more later) and be a supportive American. 

The day to day function of your human body and its profitability is my wheelhouse...some people want to be rich, some want to be healthy, some want to be happy. I have been all three for most of my life and want to coach you from the White House. Vote or write me in - whatever it takes. In November, if there is no space on your ballot for my name as President, write it in anyway and tell the manager of the site to make sure it is hand counted. Making sure your vote counts at the ballot box and as an absentee takes effort, more effort then just filling in a circle next to my name - this is "herstoric" - play a role in making America healthy, happy and satisfied with money - it is possible to spread the money further - 

I have assisted American children and adults to learn more about how to improve their lives from before the day I was born, December 19th. Yep, the local paper in Detroit wrote about my rescue before I was born. I was born into fire, some would argue, I was baptized into fire.  Religious people need to look up these ideas in their scriptures and take me seriously. My life is a sign of the times. People that do not take me seriously literally waste the time of their loved ones. When I make this statement, I am referring to my own family and to the women and men in the televised press. Many in my family did not think I have what it takes to be president - they are small content thinkers, happy in their little comfort zones. I have been to many funerals and held the hands of sick patients, my sick children and have visited troops at Walter Reed Medical Center.  When you are not feeling healthy, everything slows down in your life - I am capable of helping every one in their health reality get more out of their remaining days - every day could be your last healthiest day - so we have to get you to your dream as quick as possible with quality supportive decisions.  Some do not want the governments help and some need the governments help. If the office of the Presidency was renamed the office of the Coach - that would be a better description of me - knowing you and offering as little or as much guidance as you need to live your best life and that takes money that you earn and that we pool together for greater faster results. 


  As President of the United States, I can help you get the American life you work hard for - but that idea is key, you have to work hard or think hard and apply your knowledge to your actions.  

Email me at

1. Powers Solutions is my federal financial vehicle designed to simply stop the volatility in American extremes that current marketing strategies use to capture our money and attention. In other words, Powers Solutions are a financial vehicle(s) meant to be swift, accurate, efficient by the targeting the problem(s) or issue(s) to rapidly and powerfully fund the issue and solve the problem.  Powers Solutions will be a federal financial vehicle that all Americans can participate in by choice: $100 monthly subscriptions for a $100 federal tax break per 1 month per subscription for a duration of 12 months. The subscriptions can shift like a stock option but be less permanent than insurance or taxes or tariffs.  Non-Americans and American citizens and Non-American Corporations and American Corporations can participate in Powers Solutions.  In other words, Powers Solutions are a financial vehicle(s) meant to be swift, accurate, and efficient by the targeting the problem(s) or issue(s) to rapidly and powerfully fund the crisis or cause. 

Every one can afford $1200 per year for 1 cause. The homeless can afford $500 per month or (5 subscriptions) = $6000 per year. 

After thinking about how to outperform the Trump administration and congress, I decided the typical subscription can last for 12 months, however we could have them last for shorter periods and call them "Super Powers Solutions", generating the funds quicker and ending quicker, remedying quicker - thus showing the need to no longer need burdensome taxes and tariffs - we literally chase the squirrel. So to speak. 

100,000,000 subscribers = $120 Billion

200,000,000 subscribers  = $240 Billion

300,000,000 subscribers  = $360 Billion

400,000,000 subscribers  = $480 Billion

500,000,000 subscribers  = $600 Billion

600,000,000 subscribers = $720 Billion

700,000,000 subscribers = $840 Billion

800,000,000 subscribers = $960 Billion

900,000,000 subscribers = $1Trillion 80Billion

1,000,000,000,000 subscribers = $1Quadrillion 200Trillion

2,000,000,000,000 subscribers = $2Quadrillion 400Trillion

3,000,000,000,000 subscribers = $3Quadrillion600Trillion

Since, I would open up Powers Solutions to the world, what if we had to spend every dollar the world makes in one year to save the planet?  How much money would that be?


It would be $9Quadrillion600Trillion. 

$80 Trillion X 12 months  = $9Quadrillion600Trillion

This is called broad money, according to CIA World Factbook (not Facebook) and the globe total is in excess of $80 Trillion.  Most of the broad money in the world isn't actually cash held in bank vaults, explained Karen Petrou, managing partner of Federal Financial Analytics. Nov 17, 2017. I did not multiple it by $100 because it is literally every dollar - 


2. I am not "right" or "left".  American money and corporations should never lean conservative or liberal but lean profitable for all. 

3.  I truly want the Democratic Nomination, but I will also switch to independent or republican by the end of this week. 

4. The press tells you, "who the candidates are" - that is not accurate. I am a Federal Election Commission Candidate: C:00695429 P:00008946.  

5. I challenge President Trump to many debates any where in America.


6. The Suffrage Act was made legal in 1920 - women were given the right to vote. 2020 is the year to elect a female president. 


7. 45 male led presidencies have led us to the same-old-same old war, taxes, dependency, addiction, mediocre education, poor on the streets, poor that need health care, lazy people, and addicted dumb non graduates from any educational institute. 2020 is the year to elect a woman with experience in healing minds, hearts and souls.  I have worked and volunteered in schools, churches, neighborhoods and medical facilities.  I am ready to lead this country. 


What are Powers Solutions? In other words:


financial vehicles

subscription based,

1 year,



category based: 





-minimum wage


-reparations to white and black descendants



-super storm recovery



-small biz conversions to public traded

-public traded biz to small biz



Powers Solutions will produce massive pools of money.

Powers Solutions are not taxes and are not tariffs.

Who can Subscribe to Powers Solutions:

-american individuals



-foreign corporations

Assumption: Subscriber X $100 per month X 12 months

100,000,000 subscribers = $120 Billion

200,000,000 subscribers  = $240 Billion

300,000,000 subscribers  = $360 Billion

400,000,000 subscribers  = $480 Billion

500,000,000 subscribers  = $600 Billion

The numbers are not limited in any way. 

Powers Solutions will clean up:

34 Million adults currently smoke cigarettes

45 Million Americans currently have college debt

  3M Million Americans addicted to Oxycontin and or Fentynal

82 Million Americans earn minimum wage $7.25

45% of our country does not trade stocks

10% of our population has learning disability

$445 Billion was spent on Welfare


Excessive tech requirements for job hiring                   

Excessive tech requirements for medical reimbursement to professionals

Excessive home rent 2bd/2bath $1993 (national ave.)         


Excessive business physical space rent $17 sq/ft          

Health Insurance facts do not add up!

Under insured:                                                      44M have no health insurance

38M have inadequate health insurance

Over insured:                                                        91 percent have health insurance

Disaster relief                                                        14 Billion in weather disasters 2019

Teacher salaries Average salary is $60,477 PLUS BENEFITS (too low - should be $100k)


Global water and air pollution.

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