In my own words 5/6/21:

I am a 11 year federal candidate born in greater Detroit, Michigan (Madison Heights) in 1968, now living in north Florida and a graduate of the University of Michigan-Flint in 1996, my thoughts on the economy and American workplace were greatly shaped by General Motors and the automotive suppliers that drove the economy of southern Michigan and my tie to farm life and church life just outside of and in Detroit.  My dedication to others is exhibited through my position as a physical therapist and philanthropist, running “The Golden Soldier Project” a 501(c)3 virtual AND printed publishing company connecting children with soldiers through correspondence of encouragement, while tirelessly WORKING as a therapist at hospitals AND homes in Michigan, Ohio, Florida AND New York.  The “The Golden Soldier Project” received many accolades, shipped products worldwide and were delivered personally to the Walter Reed Medical Center and to Qatar.

I worked as a physical therapist in Mi, Oh, FL, Ny mostly in outpatient orthopedics and as a homecare therapist treating a multitude of diagnosis with Medicare, Medicaid, private pay and corporate insurance. The other candidates do not understand how poor many people live in their homes or on the streets.  This number of homeless per state is the benchmark I use to measure a politicians success. I have not treated homeless but have listened as a politician to many - they need more than soup, then need families, homes, education, rehab, continued follow up until they have regained and met their American Dream.  My dream is to break all records to get elected now - by January 20, 2021.   Headlines on December 19, yes the 19th :) :( would be very timely this month. 

I grew up a sprinting swimmer, an outfield ball player, a babysitter, a burger flipper, listened to hundred of sermons by my grandfather in East Detroit, Michigan.  The key fact is I am a therapist that can erase toxic corruption with productive Powers Solutions for all Americans.  Key terms: cooperation and reciprocation not hateful competition. I'm ok with healthy competition. I am currently a farm owner, mini horse and large dog breeder and I own an race horse. As a divorcee, small business owner, I have to push just as hard to make money as you do. Any one that remembers me from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Flint or Michigan State University knows I was very social when not studying. I briefly played club Water polo at the MSU. 

Your life and bank account is likely in jeopardy.  Stop electing the popular and enact a new law to place PowersSolutions in the White House until a better plan is in place-  Your tax dollars and donations to popular candidates in both parties have supported televised lies.  This can stop with my non corrupted leadership.  Christin Noel Powers