​     I, Christin Powers am running "The Christin Powers Campaign".  2020 should be the year I am finally elected. The corona coverage is beyond ridiculously overblown - you cannot know for sure if what anything you see in these broadcasts are real - so follow the guidelines and do not worry - call me directly if you are paralyzed by fear and turn off your TV! 561-377-5351. I will be posting a more detailed version of my resume soon, but I have ran and started for profit, non profit and 501(c)3 and worked for many employers, per diem. I am running for the Presidency of the United States of America, 2020. My mission is to increase the success and health status of every American before the end of 2024.”  I believe the American Dream does not exist for many born here. As a divorcee, medical professional, experienced parent, breeder and farmer, I want to guarantee a culture of safety, protection and expansion of the personal health and wealth for all Americans. 

     I assert that the path to this vision of health and wealth begins with the immediate analysis of how Americans care for their families through immediate knowledge on which groceries to buy or animals to raise for food. I will prioritize the safety and updating of our school systems for an education that better provides students on every level of the learning spectrum with the ability to obtain the skill set they need to make money with ease. My key points are employment and job transitions through corporate internships and college alternatives that supplement the learning experience and emphasize the employment path. Finally, as part of my mission to  I will emphasize environmental conservation, emergency infrastructure and better equality in the home and workplace.  #MAKE AMERICA UNITED AGAIN #MAUA

    I have worked as a physical therapist in four different states, with an energy and passion for the care of all patients, ages 3-103.  My health care experience is key - compared to all elected insiders and billionaires that do not know how to diagnose anything. I have treated patients with a multitude of conditions including ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, dementia, Parkinson’s, anxiety, autism, cerebral palsy, stroke, nerve palsy, cancer, joint replacement, sports injury, bi-polar disorder, brain tumor, accident victims and more.  I now how to help you make money from your health - read "Powers Solutions for You". From the elderly to the young, service men to victims, men, women, teens and children and people from every walk of life, I understand the essential need for care in every American life - that is customized.  I can make free basic health care profitable for the patient and the provider.

     My push for public office is firmly rooted in my desire to emphasize the individual persons quality of life over politics.  I have devoted 2019 on the road and in the air and on ferries due to my own expense, to meet people in over 30 states.  Our homeless epidemic will be cleared up with Powers Solutions.  If you are not currently in the stock market and want to be, we will get you there. We will also help you invest with the federal government instead of being taxed or in other words - EXHAUSTED. I want you to love your government. I know how to take an idea and remedy problems with accountability, common sense and action.    

      American success is paramount to my election. I can give you a personal sense of pride in your life and work.  I will not accept for excuses from any one or any company that we cannot be successful nation - together. 




Early Life

     Born in greater Detroit, Michigan (Madison Heights) in 1968 and a graduate of the University of Michigan in 1996, my thoughts on the economy and American workplace were greatly shaped by General Motors and the automotive suppliers that drove the economy of southern Michigan and my tie to farm life and church life just outside of and in Detroit.  My dedication to others is exhibited through my position as a physical therapist and philanthropist, running “The Golden Soldier Project” a 501(c)3 virtual publishing company connecting children with soldiers through correspondence of encouragement, while tirelessly working as a therapist at hospitals in Michigan, Ohio, Florida and New York.  The “The Golden Soldier Project” received many accolades, shipped products worldwide and were delivered personally to the Walter Reed Medical Center and to Qatar.

     I do not have an official team today.   I am always hiring, but pay for results. I currently need people to help rehabilitate my properties and livestock that are always changing.  I pay teams when I am able to afford to pay teams for specific media or life projects.  I view the American people as my team, you may play a part at any time and suddenly get an opportunity that you always hoped for after working with me.  What is your dream - I will help you get there. I would like the press to view me as their coach.  I do not send press releases because I do not believe in old fashion productions of war, terror fake stories - this antiquated way of life damages what God created - most of us are born with healthy minds and bodies - we need to work together as an Americans that seek to compete for success not to out run one another. Leverage in business and life can be a win win situation - how your heart beats matters - life is short - make the most of it for your self and this country immediately.  Trying to manipulate or keep another down limits your success. Realize when you are caught up in shyness, facades, or self abuse. Focus on learning, gaining, breathing and surrounding yourself with friends that care about self success and the success of others. End attitudes like the Good Ole Boys Club - and join my Powerful American Family Club. Donate as an act of your personal power and support. No excuses!