In my own words 9/28/20:

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       Communism is defined on Google as: a political theory derived by Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their ability or needs. 

       What is very apparent in America is that there is a class war now and that our media publicly and privately owned however, the common America even a ten year federal woman candidate is not being given fair press or dollars by the political parties.  

       For the last 45 Presidencies you could argue there is a gender war - but most obviously over the last 10 years my life points to a gender war and massive abuse of women in the United States. 

       Simply put - today as I write this, your vote is being controlled by televised press. Period.  You are told who your candidates are. There is not excuse to not be covering me or my experience or preparation.  Powers Solutions will be far more effective for this Great Debacle. 


       I am still in this race until January 20, 2020, when by constitutional amending I can walk in and lead IF our wonderful congress acts in a timely fashion.  You can have your voice heard NOW about me by WRITING Christin Powers on your ballot with your VP of choice, call me 561-377-5351 if you need suggestions. This is not a joke, I am this accessible, because this vote is this important for this election for women and no other ridiculous media production. I must win for ALL American women.  #WomenLivesMatter #WomenPOTUSMattersin2020


       I began running for United States President in 2012 because I wanted to serve the American family.  I thought I was conservative because I had good intentions and felt the Democratic party was too liberal for me.  

     I did not get press from the conservatives in New York!! in 2012!! I thought they would love a unique story of a non career politician, healthcare provider - report on a kid from Detroit, that had survived the Detroit bankruptcy. Fact is - all men run the media companies from the top down and I have had one man care as much about a very qualified woman winning as much as I do - we must change this. 

       So I started learning more about liberalism and how the Democrats are the party for everyone that has been rejected or had a difficult time in life - the more empathetic of the two parties- the less harsh. I ran Democratic in 2016, received a letter from Barack Obama on his actions for the Flint water crisis rather than an endorsement. If I would have had his playbook for this pandemic - I would have prevented this!!  Congrats to the Flint families - for their award of $600M to assist in their poison recovery.  I want Powers Solutions to "fix" our entire broken system from 14M jobless to all of our broken infrastructure and pollution - American minds and neighbors have just become too perverted - too dirty. We need a massive restart beyond going to church or getting baptized or having a come to Jesus moment. 

      We all need more education in technology, the arts, theories and philosophy. I promise to weave all of that into my state of the Union Addresses without a daily barrage of bullying with a loud helicopter in the background. 

       Your life is more than a media production, angels and demons do surround us and I want you to get the most out of your human life as possible. I will even disclose a bit more about alien life and Covid has tried to make us all zombies. 

      As you can imagine, an educated experienced mother of 4 - being proud of of my accomplishments, wanted even more to be elected to the United States Presidency to help single moms, married moms, mom of sick kids, adoptive moms, "un-churched" moms, "churched" moms, every mom in America, inner city moms and country moms. Every mom. I wanted us to have a voice in the White House - not as the side kick - as a leader, teacher, example. 

       Today, as I type this at 1 pm, I lost sleep last night because, I genuinely care for your family, no matter how shattered it is and if you have lost work from the Covid-19 pandemic, I was in your place 4 times, over the last 25 years due to the Detroit Bankruptcy and the way it hit the auto industry when I was a young mom. I am only 52 now - I am tired of this America - of constant pushing and have your hard work yanked up and down by headlines - its beyond ridiculous. 

       Over the years, I looked at all federal budget numbers Hilary Clinton signed into law and saw the only number that actually helped my life was infrastructure, as I drove on roads a lot as a home physical therapist to get to my patients in southeast Michigan, central Ohio, Long Island (5 bouroughs), New York, the lower east side of Manhattan, and south Florida. I now live in North Florida to get to the southern states and show the farming community and Horse Capital of the World that I know how to physically work hard and provide for a herd of animals. I will take them to DC, give them away or sell them to good families.  Every one that knows my reputation knows I am very generous and give much away - that is personal, not Presidential. 

       I tried to come up with solutions that would help this nation from a fresh perspective not driven by popularity but driven from a sincere heart that kept succeeding when faced with tough news; a sick kid with optic nerve cancer, a sick kid with allergies, lost work for a spouse, a city spiraling downwards, etc. Through the years, I have ALWAYS been helping someone else. 

       You never want to be a pro at survival and I was responsible for trying to keep my families chin up while working and volunteering in 4 states.  Now the entire nation is facing what Detroit faced and many other cities over the years - they are saying this is greater than the Great Depression.  

       Now, if you want a President that really gets how to pick a family up by its boot straps and keep troughing foward that is what I know - 

       But now - I need your help to get elected. I need every Americans help - from the sick to the wealthy - every one - Please - lets change by standing up for the election of a WOMAN - help me shatter all political odds for your best interest. As a nation we have to do something different. NOW - like in the next 30 seconds - not in another damn DECADE!!!!!


       So, I am tired of being beat by the parties, the press and the men. Nothing is working well. The taxes and tariffs are not helping this nation or this world enough. We have to change leadership to a woman in the next 4 months!!!!!

       We have to fund a feminine touch that is tough as nails to clear up the partisanship. the erratic assistance that is lending to more homeless, more ill, poor infrastructure. My main admission of weakness is that I do need a nap most days - because I am so intense when awake - from the minute I wake up. 


BUT - I have recetly discovered that drinking a full bottle of grapefruit juice not cocktail - keep my blood pressure up high enough to no need a nap unless I am out side in 99 degree weather working on my farm in North Florida  - trying to distract myself from the disappointment of this third election cycle to date - 

       If funded with a staff, I will take a hard look at government waste and suggest budget shifts without raising taxes. I truly believe we need to add a prescriptive short term power packed financial model that attacks where taxes and tariffs fail and weigh that success over old fashioned failures in the system for the disabled or poor or job less. The majority are in the same boat at this time. 

       I am tired of wanting this. I am fed up with the press that can't just introduce me - it is beyond ridiculous - I am good enough to make good decisions especially for families - which most are fractured now since 2008 especially. 

       I honestly just want to help and make a good paycheck at this job.  I want this nation to be proud of my work - not look to slam everything I do - that iss why I am running Democratic but for every body.. In 2016 I switched to independent and then back to democrat - I am tired of bending over backwards - when no one is doing the same for me. 

       My intentions are more pure than any past president for the family - and the homeles do not have a family or they would not be homeless and this is very upsetting to me. 

       I am tired of not having a staff - I could not have worked any harder at winning this.  I hope someone sees this and makes a difference. I am better then President Trump or Vice Presidents Biden. Period. Someone please see this and pull for my effort. 

       Words from early in 2016:


       Born in greater Detroit, Michigan (Madison Heights) in 1968 and a graduate of the University of Michigan in 1996, my thoughts on the economy and American workplace were greatly shaped by General Motors and the automotive suppliers that drove the economy of southern Michigan and my tie to farm life and church life just outside of and in Detroit.  My dedication to others is exhibited through my position as a physical therapist and philanthropist, running “The Golden Soldier Project” a 501(c)3 virtual AND printed publishing company connecting children with soldiers through correspondence of encouragement, while tirelessly WORKING as a therapist at hospitals AND homes in Michigan, Ohio, Florida AND New York.  The “The Golden Soldier Project” received many accolades, shipped products worldwide and were delivered personally to the Walter Reed Medical Center and to Qatar.

       I have worked as a CANDIDATE in four different states, with an energy and passion for the care of ALL CITIZENS!!!!!!!  My health care experience is key - compared to all elected insiders and billionaires that do not know how to diagnose anything. I have treated patients with a multitude of conditions including smokers, alcoholics, mental illness, blood disorders, sports injuries, ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, dementia, Parkinson’s, anxiety, autism, cerebral palsy, stroke, nerve palsy, cancer, joint replacement, sports injury, bi-polar disorder, brain tumor, accident victims and more.  I now how to help you make money from your health - read "Powers Solutions for You". From the elderly to the young, service men to victims, men, women, teens and children and people from every walk of life, I understand the essential need for care in EVERY American life - that is customized.  I can make free basic health care profitable for the patient and the provider. I am serious serious about the success of your future. The recent pandemic to me is something that can be recovered from - mask up - hopefully only through November - only when in public or at home if someone has tested positive. and then need to be closer to you than 6 feet. Especially if they need tender loving care or a hug. 






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