Early Life

     Born in greater Detroit, Michigan (Madison Heights) in 1968 and a graduate of the University of Michigan in 1996, my thoughts on the economy and American workplace were greatly shaped by General Motors and the automotive suppliers that drove the economy of southern Michigan and my tie to farm life and church life just outside of and in Detroit.  My dedication to others is exhibited through my position as a physical therapist and philanthropist, running “The Golden Soldier Project” a 501(c)3 virtual AND printed publishing company connecting children with soldiers through correspondence of encouragement, while tirelessly WORKING as a therapist at hospitals AND homes in Michigan, Ohio, Florida AND New York.  The “The Golden Soldier Project” received many accolades, shipped products worldwide and were delivered personally to the Walter Reed Medical Center and to Qatar.

    I have worked as a CANDIDATE in four different states, with an energy and passion for the care of ALL CITIZENS!!!!!!!  My health care experience is key - compared to all elected insiders and billionaires that do not know how to diagnose anything. I have treated patients with a multitude of conditions including smokers, alcoholics, mental illness, blood disorders, sports injuries, ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, dementia, Parkinson’s, anxiety, autism, cerebral palsy, stroke, nerve palsy, cancer, joint replacement, sports injury, bi-polar disorder, brain tumor, accident victims and more.  I now how to help you make money from your health - read "Powers Solutions for You". From the elderly to the young, service men to victims, men, women, teens and children and people from every walk of life, I understand the essential need for care in EVERY American life - that is customized.  I can make free basic health care profitable for the patient and the provider. Stop electing clowns. Get serious about your future. 






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